Summer Season Safety: Ways to Protect Your Home from Fires

Summer is more often associated with going to the beach and wearing skin-revealing outfits. However, due to the rising temperatures and specific activities, fires also become very common.

Here are some ways to prevent a disaster and save lives:

Fire Hazards at Home

Your house is full of materials that might catch ablaze. Your electronic appliances can cause a fire due to misuse, the damage that you have not noticed, or lack of proper maintenance.

A power cord that has been stripped and exposed can lead to a spark that, if it comes in contact with a curtain or paper, can ignite a flame. A dryer vent that has not been cleaned for years can overheat and become a serious safety hazard.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all your electrical appliances are working as the manufacturer intended. If you see a power cord that has been damaged, grab an electrical tape and wrap it on the wire until it has been covered. Hire a dryer vent cleaning service every once in a while to check your equipment.

It will also help to get some summer cleaning in your home. Get rid of stacks of newspapers and magazines, both of which will serve as fuel to fire. Clear the filters above your stove where grease and other dirt might have accumulated. Use your vacuum on every corner of the house, especially the crannies behind electrical appliances. Properly store chemicals used for cleaning.

Outside the House

This summer, you likely will have a lot of outdoor activities to take advantage of the warm weather. These activities, too, which are very popular during the sunny months, can cause a fire.

Barbecues, for example, use fire and, sometimes, gas. Not only is it a fire hazard, but it can also expose people to toxic gasses.

That is why it is essential to be careful around your grill. When you have a barbecue party, the grill should be placed outdoors and far away from objects that are combustible, like wooden fences and tables.

Before you use it, you should also get your grill cleaned and serviced. It likely has not been used in a while and, therefore, might have sustained some damage during the time it has been in storage.  Check the propane tank and lines for leaks.

Finally, never leave a grill unattended.

Fireworks commonly used in Fourth of July celebrations should be handled with extreme precautions. If you are going to light one up, make sure that you do it in an open space (no trees directly above nor near you). Keep sparklers out of the reach of young children.

HouseSummer Wildfires

With summer comes wildfires. Due to the rising temperatures, vegetation goes dry and goes up in flames. If you live in an area where fires happen frequently, follow the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommendations. Clear the vegetation and debris around your home. Create a safety zone of about 30-100 feet from any structure.

Have an evacuation plan in place and practice it regularly so each member of your family will know what to do when it is no longer safe to stay in your home.

Fire can cause the loss of property and lives. However, it can be prevented by taking precautionary measures such as the ones mentioned above.

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