Different Methods for Setting Up a Home Office

Why bother with commuting and waking up at dawn every day when you can work from home? You can enjoy a few more hours of sleep, save money and time on transportation, and even earn more. Data from the US Census Bureau has shown that people who work remotely tend to earn more than those who don’t. When done correctly, chances are you can be more productive at home than in the office.

If you’re making the transition, check out these pointers for your home office:

1. Allocate Space

You can get a storage building to your Denver home and set up shop there. Another option is to remodel your basement into an office, but it can be more expensive. Wherever you decide, have a separate space for work. There are two reasons for this.

One of the difficult things in remote work is maintaining the divide between your personal and professional life. Instead of having more time for other things, working from home may lead to poor work-life balance. Another advantage of your own area is that it can help you focus. If you work in bed or in front of your TV, you might be tempted to procrastinate. Mary Morrison from the Cleveland Clinic recommends surrounding yourself with things you see in the office.

2. Incorporate Light

If you can manage, try to set up your desk near a window. Studies have shown that natural light can help reduce headaches and drowsiness and improve eye strain. Exposure to sunlight can also help you sleep better and make you more inclined to exercise.

If you can’t have your office by a window, compensate with the right lighting. According to the Mayo Clinic, having lights behind or above your desk can contribute to eye strain. The color of the lighting can also affect your productivity. A study compared the performances of workers based on the colors of the lights and gender. It showed that women performed better under daylight white lighting, while men were better in the warm and cool lighting.

3. Get Comfortable

woman working from home

It’s hard to focus on work when you’re not completely comfortable. Instead of replying to an important email, you’re busy looking for the right spot on your saggy couch. It’s better to invest in a cozy office chair because it will last you for years and help you work better.

If you want some variety while losing some weight, why not get a standing desk? Using a standing desk for three hours burns 24 calories. But Dr. Robert H. Shmerling from Harvard Health warns that you can develop back and foot pain when you work on one. He says it’s better to start small with 30 minutes and add more time day by day.

Consider turning down the temperature as well. Data from Cornell University shows that workers performed better when the temperature was changed from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Working from home can be life-changing when done right. It can boost the quality of your work, improve your work-life balance, and save you a lot of time. You just need to find what works for you and get down to business.

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