Four Factors to Help You Prioritize Your Home Improvement Wishlist

Spend some time in any residence, and your daily routines will eventually adjust to the living space; also, you’ll eventually develop a keen awareness of what might be lacking, or aspects in which the abode can be improved. Long-term homeowners may have an extensive list of projects which they’d love to undertake someday in order to craft a better place for themselves, but since most of us also have to deal with constraints of time and budget, these considerations will help you prioritize your home improvement projects.

Identify the quick wins

Just as most to-do lists and systems of time management encourage people to prioritize the low-hanging fruit, often you may find that the best first step towards an improved home and better daily living is the one that’s most actionable. Many homeowners will put off the task of clearing out the clutter indefinitely, for instance; yet if you manage to break down this potentially massive undertaking into simple daily routines that can be accomplished in an hour each day, you can easily eliminate cluttered spaces from your home, which in turn paves the way for a larger-scale renovation down the line. Identify the quick wins so that you can accomplish some small improvements, even for the short term or on a tight budget.

Tend to the basics

When a prospective buyer starts comparing properties, they may assign different levels of importance to various aspects and features of the home—but some things are non-negotiable. Plumbing and electrical systems that are outdated or in poor condition will turn off any buyer; older homes in Millcreek could be in urgent need of a water heater replacement to minimize costs as well as the risk of a breakdown during the cold months. As a homeowner, you may be looking forward to big projects, but it’s critical to ensure that all the basics—both routine maintenance and essential upgrades—are properly taken care of.

Take on the big one

home improvement

Over the years, you, as a long-time homeowner, will eventually find that one specific project which stands out as something you truly desire, but requires more time or money than you might have. A major renovation not only requires resources; it can disrupt schedules and even necessitate temporary relocation. Thus, you’ll want to make sure that such a project is truly aligned with your needs and desires. However, at some point, after taking care of quick wins and basic functionality, you’ll eventually be ready to tackle a big project. Maybe it’s a property extension for you to have a home office, art studio or craft shed; just be certain that it addresses a long-term function and is something you really want, in order for the investment (and hassle) to be worth your while.

ROI considerations

Homeowners will commonly seek and receive advice on different improvements which are focused on the return on investment (ROI) – but the truth is that such considerations are more important to investors, flippers, or those who are already planning to relocate elsewhere. They also tend to require more ‘sweat equity’ on the part of the owner, in order to realize better gains. If your long-term plans have you staying put, ROI considerations may not necessarily be top priority. Still, weighing the relative value of a functional upgrade to the kitchen, or a new bathroom, versus items of personal preference such as a swimming pool, can help you make sound investments in your property.

Home improvements vary in terms of scale, urgency, and feasibility; use these considerations to make quick decisions and attend to things that matter within the limits of time and budget.

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