Floored: Flooring Decor You Can Install in a Flash

Your floor is a good representation of how spacious and well-cared-for your house is. Having a lot of space to walk on is an enjoyable experience, and can lend an instant feel of wide-open relaxation to your abode. But it is important that the flooring is clean and kempt. Dirty, scruffy flooring is quite the eyesore.  Your floors should not be neglected; even though (and especially since) they are walked on all the time, they still add to the overall look of your house. This is why you need to take care of them with regular maintenance.

Regular DIY efforts are most welcome, of course. But it also pays to occasionally call for flooring specialists in your Notting Hill locale to protect an often overlooked feature of your home. All things are subject to wear and tear; you need to get things checked and repaired professionally, so your floor serves you well for years to come.

Aside from its functional and essential use, the floor can be a place where you add a bit more creativity to the house. If you are interested in prettifying your floor space, there are easy ways to do just that without making major alterations. Consider these additions to liven up what’s underfoot:

Persian Rug

Persian rugs are a great way to add some opulent elegance to your floor. Unlike full, fixed carpeting, you can roll it up anytime to store it or move it to another room. The hand-made designs ensure that each Persian rug is unique, lending a vibrant, posh feel to the plainest of flooring with its ornate patterns. Its portability also makes it easy to clean. If you want the benefits of a carpeting solution without the commitment and heavy maintenance, go get a Persian rug.

Floor Mats and Area Rugs

Different mats on the floor

Floor mats and area rugs serve different purposes. They can be used to dust off your shoes if you are coming from the outside. They can also be used as the focal point of a space, where they create separation. Additionally, they can serve as an “entryway” to a specific room in the house, much in the same manner as a welcome mat at your front door. You can add decorative flair by having different colours for each room, or just have each family member pick what they want for their own space. This will let them inject their personality into their turf.

Vinyl Stickers

If you want to really let your imagination run wild, consider vinyl floor stickers. These are best installed on ceramic tiles to avoid any problems during the removal process. If you put them on wood, cleaning out the adhesive residue could accelerate the deterioration of the flooring’s surface. But if you have a good quality coating on there, it should not be much of a problem and is a simple-enough process.

Decorating your house is a joy. Nothing beats the feeling of turning a plain-looking space into something beautiful and lively. It is great that there are decorative solutions for your floors that won’t necessarily break the bank and are easily replaceable. So, go ahead—unleash your creative flair for floors.

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