Top Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt pavements, with proper maintenance by a company specializing in asphalt repair in your Utah locale, can serve their purpose for decades with minimal work. Asphalt, after all, is a hard-wearing material that can be used in a variety of applications like in public roads, private residences, schools, government facilities, and commercial/industrial spaces such as parking lots.

For added hardiness, consider sealcoating the asphalt surfaces. This process, which fills any crevices or spaces in the surface, offers numerous benefits and additional protection to such surfaces. Here are five perks of sealcoating asphalt surfaces:

Prevents crumbling and hardening.

Applying a sealcoat on asphalt surfaces can effectively keep issues like asphalt hardening and crumbling from occurring. Over time, asphalt naturally hardens and crumbles as part of its inherent wear and tear process. When not addressed immediately, such a physical state could worsen and lead to further damage like potholes and cracks. By sealcoating asphalt pavements, you prevent those untoward possibilities from happening, or at least mitigate the effects, making your asphalt surface last longer.

Protects against freeze-thaw cycles.

Year after year, your asphalt pavements are subjected to freeze-thaw cycles as the seasons bring their corresponding temperature changes. Over time, these events could wear out your asphalt surfaces and negatively affect their structural integrity. The weakening of asphalt pavements could then lead to a host of other problems. What sealcoating does is protect the asphalt from the negative effects of repeated freezing and thawing so the asphalt surfaces remain sturdy and hard-wearing.

Saves huge money on repairs.

asphalt repair

Why spend thousands of dollars on costly, repetitive repairs when you can spend a few hundred to protect your asphalt pavements? Eventually, you will need to go for repair work, as the asphalt reaches the end of its lifespan—but sealcoating will buy you time. Being a preventive measure, it ensures that the entire asphalt surface doesn’t become prone to damage. In effect, it helps delay the need for repairs. This will help you save big on your budget for such maintenance tasks—money that you could allot to other projects, in the meantime.

Makes asphalt surfaces aesthetically pleasing.

When newly-applied, asphalt has a rich black color that is pleasing to the eye. As time goes by, however, this pleasant look tends to fade due to the constant exposure to sunlight, snow, and other elements. Dirt, oil, and a host of other contaminants also affect the pristine look of asphalt pavements. With a fresh sealcoat, you create a brand-new appeal for your asphalt pavements without necessarily having to apply a new layer of asphalt.

Easy way to resurface or repair asphalt pavements.

Sealcoat is easy to apply to existing asphalt surfaces and is a go-to technique for those who need to repair or resurface their asphalt pavements. Within a few hours, a professional asphalt services company can finish applying a fresh sealcoat to driveways, parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces. This is something that not every protective material can offer.

It’s easy to see now why sealcoating asphalt is a necessary preventive maintenance task. Just make sure that you’re hiring a company with proven expertise in handling asphalt pavements, so you can expect a high quality of work.

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