Managing Pests While Renovating the Home: What You Should Do

Home improvement projects increased during the pandemic as many people wanted their work-from-home arrangement to be comfortable as possible. Others wanted to replace surfaces that were hard to clean. On the other hand, some wanted to install filtration devices into the homes.

But whatever reason you may have to renovate your home, you should always make sure to watch out for pests while working on your home improvement project. It’s essential to manage these pests you will not inadvertently bring them into your home.

So, if you plan to improve your home soon, you should go through the following tips to reduce or eliminate any chances of pests entering your home while you work.

Plan the Renovation

When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. These words of wisdom apply to nearly everything people do in life. And it also applies to your home improvement project. You should make sure to have a plan ready before starting your work.

Contractors and architects normally meet with pest control experts to discuss plans for controlling the entry of pests into a project. Similarly, you should consult with pest control professionals before you start working. Even if you have not found any evidence of the presence of pests, you to prepare for any eventualities. This is particularly true if you live in a city with a high level of pest infestation.

Check the Materials

If wood is among the materials you’re using in the project, you should make sure no pests are hidden somewhere inside it. You should watch out for the presence of termites since inadvertently bringing these pests into the house will cause a lot of damage in the future. You can also use treated wood for any projects that require the use of wood.

Before you set door or window screens as mosquito control measures, make sure they are big enough to cover the whole door or window. Carefully check for small holes where these pests can enter the home without you knowing it. It’s impractical to set up these screens on the doors and windows if they cannot sufficiently cover these openings to prevent the entry of these flying pests.

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Work with Professionals

When it comes to pest or mosquito control in homes, it’s always advisable to work with professionals. While you can perform some of these pest control tasks on your own, it’s not advisable since you may not have the knowledge and experience to do so. Working with professionals offers a big advantage since it allows you to properly manage pests while renovating your home.

When working with these professionals, you should make sure they visit the work site regularly. This allows them to provide recommendations on the things you need to work on while renovating the house. They can also suggest ways to ensure the home remains pest-free.

Check Pest Control Measures

While working on the home improvement project, you should regularly check the area for the presence of pests. If you set up baits, make sure to check them regularly. This is particularly true if you store the materials for the project in the open. At this point of the project, any preemptive measure is useful to prevent the entry of pests into the home.

If you’re hiring construction workers for the project, make sure to check the cleanliness of the area every day. There are instances when they may leave food leftovers all over the place. These leftovers can attract rodents and other pests to go to the worksite. To prevent this, you need to make sure to keep the area clean during the renovation work. You should also make sure to dispose of all organic waste and debris in the area as soon as possible. Do not wait for the pests to enter the picture before doing anything.

Post-work Procedures

After completing the home improvement work, you should start checking the area where you implemented the project. Checking the door and window frames is a good idea to ensure no holes can allow flying pests to enter the home.

If the renovation work was limited to the interior, you should clean the area immediately after the completion of the project. You can also ask the pest management personnel to check for unwanted pests inside the house. Additionally, you should also ask for a pest management plan from them that you can use to prevent pests from entering the home in the future.

Adopting a prevention mindset while working on a home improvement project is a good way to manage pests while renovating any part of your home.

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