House Staging: Selling a Dream, Not Just a House

The house you are trying to sell can be beautiful, but it will not look like a dream home unless you help it. No one will buy that house if it doesn’t feel like what someone is looking for. People are searching for a dream home. The place they feel most welcome and can imagine themselves there. No one wants to picture themselves inside another person’s messy house and lawn. To sell that house, you have to put in the time and investment to make it look its best.

The house needs to be deep cleaned and maintained. All stains need to be washed off, broken furniture and similar items must be disposed of, and clutter should be avoided. The yard needs to be mowed before every viewing. Schedule a tree trimming so that the mess can be cleared away in one go, and remove any dead bushes or plants. Freshly turned soil looks better than a dead tree any day.

People want to see potential, and they can’t see it in a dimly lit and cluttered space. The money you spend on cleaning and sprucing up your house is an investment you will make after selling because a beautiful home draws a much better sale price.

Remove Emotion from the Process

Your real estate agent will be able to give you great tips and tricks for how to set off your home’s best features. But their suggestions may come into conflict with items and displays that you are attached to, and you may be inclined to reject their ideas.

Try to focus on the fact that you are selling this house. Your emotional attachments to it will only hold you back. There is no value for you in holding onto decorations or furniture that will not live there anymore. Remove the furniture, pack the decoration items, and put them in storage. The prospective buyers are interested in the house, and being insistent about keeping your personal touches will more likely turn them off than make them want to buy.

Prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves in the space. If your influence is too strong in the rooms, they will be unlikely to choose your house. Make the home as neutral as possible. Packing away things slowly and putting them in storage will also make it easier for you to move when the time comes.

Decide What to Spend On

Depending on the age of the house, you may have to make some executive decisions about where to invest your home improvement budget. Go over the whole place with the real estate agent and make a list. Some areas will have more apparent answers than others.

Should you paint the house or fix the leaks in the plumbing? Fixing the plumbing is sure to make your home more attractive to buyers than a fresh coat of paint. In addition, you can freshen up the look of a house by painting just the trim and window frames. This will require much less paint and time.

If you have fixed the more significant issues in the home and still have some money remaining in the budget, you can look to more aesthetic choices. Do not buy furniture as this is very subjective. Kitchen appliances and new fittings for the bathrooms are better choices and will appeal to everyone.

Show Off the Floor


If the whole house is carpeted and you cannot remove it, you must get professional carpet cleaners to do the best job of deep cleaning and restoring it. Stains and discoloration are to be expected on a carpet that’s been there for a while, but when it’s clean, these issues will seem less consequential. Removing any damp smell and ensuring it looks clean and comfortable will matter more to the prospective buyers.

If your carpet is easily removed and you have wooden floors, you must remove the carpet. A beautifully scrubbed, refinished, and polished wooden floor is going to be of immediate appeal to buyers. Tile floors need to be scrubbed and re-grouted. Freshly grouted tile floors look pretty and clean.

De-clutter and Organize

If you are willing to put more of your things in storage during the process of showing off your house, it is a great idea to clear out as many of the closets and storage rooms as possible. This has the additional benefit of allowing you to de-clutter and reduce junk before your big move.

People love storage space. Showing how much storage space the house has and how accessible it is will go a long way towards drawing their interest in your home.

Selling a house is about its appeal. People want to feel like they are in an inviting space; they must see themselves living there. Clean areas, well-placed furniture, and aroma all play a part in this. These can make them perk up and take an interest in your house.

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