The Three Essential Elements of an Effective Marketing Strategy for Construction Companies

Every construction company exists because of one thing: revenue. Having great revenue heavily relies on a strong marketing technique and sales process.

Like any business, marketing your construction company is the secret to long-term success. The challenge lies in having a constant stream of customers and projects to stay in the business. As a contractor by profession, marketing is certainly not your area. But with the right guidance and marketing tactics, anyone can succeed in marketing their business.

With so many marketing strategies for construction companies, it is natural to feel confused and overwhelmed. But knowing how each marketing tool functions can help you understand the best options to reach your target customers and determine your business’s best marketing technique.

With all these in mind, here are the proven ways to market a construction business that can help you gain more revenue, score more projects, and attain your company’s success.

Keep your number accessible

Construction is one of the few industries where contact numbers are very crucial for the business. Whether it is a large company looking for a construction firm or a homeowner looking for a landscaping company, these leads cannot reach you if your contact number is not accessible.

If you want to obtain as many phone calls as possible, you need to have an active phone number tied directly to your business. A great tip is to make your number visible on Google search or any print ad. If you have a website or Facebook page, make sure to visit the “About” section and fill up all contact details.

Keeping your contact numbers accessible in different channels will make it easier for your potential leads to inquire about your services. These also include your social media platforms, branded material on other websites, signage, and brochures. At the same time, ensure to assign someone responsible for receiving calls and making follow-ups.

Use Google local service ads

Gone are the days when you have to rely on traditional advertising alone. Digital marketing is a better way to reach your target customers and increase your online presence without spending too much. So if you want to enhance your digital marketing strategy for your construction business, the best way to start is through Google’s local service ads.

Construction businesses should take advantage of local service ads since Google made it for their industry. Once you configure the ads properly and a potential lead searches for nearby construction companies, your service ad will appear along with a link to your contact number. What’s great about this feature is that Google will require you to pay only for the leads.

Maintain your website and social media

Business team

According to a Blue Corona survey, 63% of customers use a contract company’s website to engage with them while the remaining 30% don’t consider a business without a website. These figures will tell you how a website plays a critical role in your marketing efforts’ success.

A company website should be simple, well-designed, and easy to navigate to help your leads gather information about your business. Meanwhile, a website with a poor user interface can easily put off or overwhelm a potential customer.

As much as possible, give your leads a pleasant experience when they navigate your website. You can start by having a simple homepage with accessible tabs that leads to web pages containing all the essential information your lead might be looking for. Also, make sure to keep your “Contact us” section visible. You can also provide a slideshow that highlights your previous projects to give the customer an idea about your expertise.

You have two options when building a website for your construction company. You can try DIY website builders that offer thousands of templates to get you started. Your second option is to hire a web designer who will take charge of your entire website. Ideally, you can pick the latter if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team.

Aside from your website, you can also reach more customers by using social media. According to JBKnowledge, Facebook is one of the most relevant social media platforms for showing off a business. It allows your company to have a personality and to become more humanized. Here, you can post your previous and current construction projects through videos and images.

Another great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to customize your advertisements to get you more specific when targeting an audience. When managing your ads, you can identify your target location, audience interest, buying behaviors, and income. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options you can try to gain more audience through social media.

The strategies above are modern approaches to marketing a construction company. While there are plenty of marketing tools out there, these are the most proven methods that will consistently drive potential clients and new leads. As you progress on your business, you can experiment with other solutions to develop the best marketing strategy.

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