Unique Roofing Materials for a Commercial Repair Project

Whether you are considering installing or undertaking roof repair projects on a commercial property, you should have the right roofing materials and enlist professionals so that desirable results can be guaranteed. With the wide range of roofing options that are available in the market, finding suitable ones can be challenging for both seasoned and aspiring commercial property owners. Below is a summary of some of the suitable commercial roofing materials that can be incorporated during roof installation and repair projects.

Metal Roofing Systems

As a commercial property owner looking for long-lasting roofing options, a metal roofing system would be the best bet. What makes this type of roofing material stand out from the rest its durability and longevity, as well as fire- and weather-resistance properties. Advancements in technology have led to the invention of energy-efficient metal roofing systems that help in regulating temperatures by keeping the rooms cool, which cuts down the cost of installing air conditioning systems.

Thermoset Roof Membrane

This particular roofing system is an ideal option in areas characterized by cold temperatures due to their flexibility and reflective properties, thereby lowering cooling costs during summer. The thermoset roof membrane is also versatile and does not involve complex installation processes and eliminates frequent maintenance costs that are associated with other roofing systems.

Thermoplastic Roof Membrane

Thermoplastic Roof Membrane

The popularity of thermoplastic roof membrane in restaurants and industrial buildings are attributed to its high resistance levels to bacteria growth, UV light and chemicals, and its performance and installation advantages. The roofing material can also withstand strong winds that may blow off or cause severe damage to the roofs that may require commercial roof repair services.

Built-Up Roofing Membrane

Commercial property owners can also invest in built-up roofing membranes that consist of bitumen and reinforced fabric that is systematically arranged to create layers of membranes. With this type of roofing system, you will have the option of deciding on the number of layers that will be applied on the roof, and this makes its flexible and budget-friendly option. Despite being one of the oldest roofing systems, the built-up roofing membrane is still a more preferred option roofing option due to its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Asphalt Rolled Roofing

This type of roofing option works best for a commercial building with low-slope roofs. Its popularity is mainly attributed to its ease of installation and repair, as well as affordability. Just like individual asphalt shingles, a roll of asphalt also helps to protect the building from elements such as rain. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective and easy to install and repair roofing option for your commercial building, asphalt rolled roofing would be the best bet in ensuring that your roofing needs are catered to effectively.

For your commercial roofing repair projects to be effective, you should choose the right roofing materials and have the project handled by professionals. You should also set a budget that will comfortably and adequately cover all the costs involved. With the help of a reputable commercial roofing contractor, you will not only be advised on suitable roofing options to incorporate for the building, but the entire project will also meet your unique expectations.

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